Self Care Brainstorming

Lifestyle IshikawaHere’s one representation I tried coming up with.  Someone was asking on Facebook today what we’ve learned about ourselves during the pandemic.

“Someone was asking what we’ve learned about ourselves (in the pandemic). I count things when I’m anxious. I guess this means counting calories works well for me for that reason. Is that good? Well, the actual foundation of my lifestyle is getting enough sleep. So I guess I’ll preface it that way from now on. Also, I’m restrictive in my media consumption, versed in positive psychology, and in recovery from personality disorder. Calorie counting worked for me because I was skilled at self care and could frame it in those terms.

But the pandemic graphs? That’s probably just intellectualizing, a not so great anxiety defense mechanism.”



I’m thinking of making something like the Valued Living Questionnaire but directed at Self Care, more toward the lifestyle end.
-substances that modify wakefulness
Stress Management
-Cognitive behavior
-coping and defense mechanisms
-relaxation and mindfulness
Personal growth
-Expectations management
-comparisons with others
-Vegetables and fruits
-Protein sparing macros and neurotransmitters

Lifestyle less complicatedThis is everything I learned after losing weight, to help me remember to keep up the good work.

I cover a lot of this, too, in my post partum psychosis recovery story.  One thing I forgot in that one is the restriction on news media.

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